Make Informed Choices



Wild-caught fish from one of the best and most regulated fisheries on the planet. We constantly monitor AFMA, FRDC and DAFF stock monitoring and sustainability status for fish species and adapt  accordingly. 


Lincoln and Luke have both been involved with commercial fishing. They believe in fishing techniques that treat fish humanely and absolutely minimise the footprint on non-target species or the surrounding environment. Our fish have been caught using best-practice methods where bycatch (if any) can be released alive. We believe in the Iki-jime method of humanely and quickly disposing of fish and are massive advocates for this method. This method produces much better quality and less "fishy" tasting fish.

We strongly believe in minimising our carbon footprint through low food miles.


We believe in using only the best local Ingredients and, of course, using all Australian produce. Whether it is the locally-grown limes, chillies, herbs, garlic or Bundaberg raw sugar and  local raw honey, we source everything we can to support Australian jobs and small business. Even the timber we use for smoking is from local offcuts!!


We have an unwritten rule, where we have never sold a fish that we didn't receive in the first day after capture, usually within an hour or two! We are lucky to have such a fantastic fishery at our doorstep and a Smokery that is located on the waterfront.