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The Pinnacle of Quality and Complete Traceability. Of Course!

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Having a waterfront facility at the Port of Bundaberg, we receive our fish generally within hours of capture. Upon receipt of the fresh fish we note the fisherman, capture location, fishing technique, time and date. We can trace any pack of fish sold by us back to this, allowing for complete transparency and traceability. 

Sustainable. Ethical. Local.

Sustainable, ethical, smoked seafood. Australian wild-caught premium fish. Bundaberg

Our passion extends much further than smoking superb quality seafood!  We strongly believe in using sustainable species, caught and handled in an ethically correct manner. Caught locally -where else?! Click to find out more.

Serving Suggestions

Sustainable, ethical smoked Australian fish

Utilising only the most premium, 100% Australian, sustainable, ethically-caught and handled Smoked Seafood, here are some serving suggestions for inspiration! 


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Fish ethically and sustainably processed 'from sea to serve'

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