A Family of Fishermen

Australian Smoked Fish. Gourmet Smoked Salmon Queensland.

100% Locally-Owned Business, Port Bundaberg, QLD. We truly support local families.

Here at the smokery, not only are all our fish ethically caught and handled from local, wild, sustainable fish stocks, but all our staff are locals too! We buy fish from local small-scale fisherman and believe in quality over quantity. 


Lincoln Kirchner

Head Smoker and seafood-smoking flavour artist. Lincoln is the son and grand-son of professional fishermen and knows more than his share about ethical fishing techniques, fish treatment and quality.

Link loves his smoking and has designed a smoke generator that would give your first car a run for it's money! 


Luke Truant

Luke used to drive billionaires around the world on multi-million dollar yachts, but having spawned (see cute kid catching his first bream) decided to move towards a land-based business and give something back to the earth via an ethical business that focused on sustainability. 

He is not that good at filleting fish and his dad jokes are horrible and never ending. Give him a call - if you laugh, you too are probably a write-off!