Serving Suggestions

Sushi for the Whole Family!

Sushi. Smoked fish. Bundaberg. Sustainable. Ethical. Gourmet sushi. Queensland. wild fish australia

This is a fun way to get the kids involved with making lunch or dinner! Here we have some Macadamia-Smoked Sea Mullet prepared with our favourite sushi greens and some wasabi mayo. Yum. Especially good for those that like to know their fish has been cooked prior to eating!!

WARM POTATO SALAD - Spinach, caper and lemon mustard dressing with Macadamia-smoked Blue Salmon

Warm Salmon Salad. Hot smoked salmon. Grunskes by the river. Red shed seafood Bundaberg.

WARM POTATO SALAD with fresh spinach, capers and lemon mustard dressing, teamed with our Macadamia-smoked Blue Salmon!
You can top the salad with the fish as pictured, or you can chop the fish and stir through the salad... Or both!

Macadamia-Smoked Mullet and Baby Rocket Pizza


Cook your favourite pizza (or cheat and buy it from your local pizzeria) and once cooked add some fresh organic baby rocket and slices of our Macadamia-Smoked Mullet (or any of our Macdamia-Smoked Fish really). Drizzle with some chilli-infused olive oil. Done!

Fisherman's Bruschetta


Grab some fresh crusty bread - slice and grill, spread on some chilli mayonnaise then add a layer of some beautiful macadamia-smoked line-caught Spanish Mackerel. Top with a tomato and avocado salsa. Drizzle with your favourite olive oil. Done! Guests/husband/wife = impressed!

Taco Tuesday with a Twist

Smoked Fish Taco. Mango Salsa. Macadamia-smoked Spanish Mackerel

Fresh and full of flavour, and can be whipped up quickly for a mid-week meal in this warmer weather.
To try our Smoked Spanish Mackerel Taco, start by preparing your mango salsa. Dice a mango, half a red capsicum and half a red onion. Add a squeeze of Bundy Limes, some chopped coriander and chilli. Some avocado would also go really nicely in this! Mix together. We then used a pure corn tortilla lightly grilled, a generous layer of Macadamia Smoked Spanish Mackerel and topped with the chunky mango salsa. Garnish with extra coriander and cracked Aussie Pepper and rock salt to taste. Delicious, fresh and summery! 

Inverted Eggs Benedict - Bundy Style

Macadamia-Smoked Fish Pate Eggs Benedict from the Seafood Smokery Bundaberg. Sustainable smoked fish

Start with some hollandaise sauce, toasted English muffin, then add a generous amount of our Macadamia-Smoked Fish Pâté. Add a gorgeous local free range poached egg, ground Aussie Pepper and your fave Australian Salt. Garnish with pea shoots, dill or any fresh herbs from your garden. You can also use any of our smoked fish instead of the Pâté!